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Hosting Service for MongoDB® Database on DigitalOcean

Fully managed hosting service for MongoDB® on DigitalOcean – automate your management in the cloud.

Why Choose ScaleGrid for your MongoDB® DigitalOcean Hosting?

With ScaleGrid you can easily setup, monitor, and scale fully managed MongoDB® clusters on DigitalOcean cloud.


2x Faster Troubleshooting

ScaleGrid’s custom built MongoDB® Database Slow Query Analyzer let’s you troubleshoot two times faster and saves you time finding unoptimized queries.

30% More Storage

ScaleGrid MongoDB® database features 30% more storage in the DBaaS plans compared to DigitalOcean Managed Databases.


Full Admin Access

ScaleGrid provides full admin access for users who require advanced configuration and customization for their MongoDB® Database.

Custom Replica Sets

Access fully customizable replica sets configurations. Be in control of your MongoDB® Database and decide which data center each replica recides in.

Reduced Costs

Looking to reduce your MongoDB® Database hosting costs? DigitalOcean Droplet instances are extremely cost-effective, averaging 28% less expensive than AWS and 26% less than Azure. ScaleGrid’s fully managed database hosting saves you on average 122% on your monthly AWS hosting costs and 140% on Azure.


Locally Attached SSD

Access high performance, locally attached, solid state drives. SSD disks provides considerable performance advantages both in the form of higher throughput and lower latency compared to other cloud providers such as AWS or Azure.

Whats Included?

Explore the powerful features of ScaleGrid’s MongoDB® Database management tools available on DigitalOcean:


Affordable Pricing on DigitalOcean

Simple pricing for your MongoDB® deployment needs:




Deploy MongoDB® Database on a Dedicated standalone DigitalOcean instance.


Replica Set


Deploy MongoDB® Database on a Dedicated high availability DigitalOcean replica set.

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ScaleGrid vs. Top Managed MongoDB® Competitors

Trusted by over 850 companies

We support everything from innovating startups to global enterprise brands:

Trusted by leading brand Atlassian, a ScaleGrid customer
Trusted by leading brand VMware, a ScaleGrid customer
Trusted by leading brand Accenture, a ScaleGrid customer
Trusted by leading brand Sony, a ScaleGrid customer
Trusted by leading brand Polaris, a ScaleGrid customer
Trusted by leading brand BOSCH, a ScaleGrid customer

Solid pricing, fast and attentive customer service and backed up with a nice and intuitive online management UI and detailed monitoring/performance reporting.

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With about 10 or 15 minutes setup, I had a fully functional PostgreSQL 12.x server up and running, with 300GB capacity, no hidden traffic fees, and total costs just a couple of hundred dollars a month.

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I couldn’t imagine having to do this manually. It has saved us countless hours of work and it will continue to do so in the future. Managing our clusters day to day is so easy, I really can’t believe it.

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Deploy your MongoDB® Database in any DigitalOcean Region

MongoDB® Database hosting globally available on DigitalOcean:


  • New York City (1, 2, 3)
  • San Francisco
  • Toronto


  • Amsterdam (2, 3)
  • London
  • Frankfurt

Asia Pacific

  • Singapore

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