ScaleGrid vs. The Rest

Comprehensive MongoDB® hosting comparisons. See how we stack up against the rest.

wdt_ID Overview ScaleGrid mLab ObjectRocket
16 Bring Your Own Cloud (AWS and Azure) Deploy deployments of all sizes in your own AWS and Azure account Yes No Must host through their plans No Must host through their plans
17 MongoDB® Database Admin Access Keep full admin access to the underlying MongoDB® servers Yes No No
18 SSH Access To The Underlying Machine Keep root access to the underlying machines, and install custom software agents Yes No No
19 Local SSD Disk Support on AWS Use local SSD disks for high disk read/write performance Yes Yes No
20 On-Premise DBaaS Support Manage databases on-premise or in a private cloud Yes Enterprise On-Premise plans No No
21 Single Console Management for Multiple Databases Support for MySQL™, PostgreSQL®, MongoDB®, and Redis® Yes MySQL™, PostgreSQL®, MongoDB®, Redis® No Yes MongoDB®, Redis®
22 Cross-Datacenter Configurations Distribute your MongoDB® replica sets across different data centers Yes No No
23 Extra Data Transfer Costs Pay an additional fee for all data transfers, including same region, different regions and internet transfers No No No
24 Connection Limits Connection limits depending on cluster size No No No
25 Fully Customizable RAM, Disk Size & Instance Type Customize RAM, disk size, IOPS and instance type at any size for free Yes No No
26 Custom Replica Set Configurations Customize your replica set size as per your needs Yes No No
27 Live Migration Support Use live migration to migrate data from your existing setup Yes No No
28 DigitalOcean Support Deploy your MongoDB® clusters on DigitalOcean with dedicated hosting Yes No No
29 Sharding Support Distribute your data across different nodes for horizontal scalability Yes Yes Dependent on cloud platform Yes
30 Pricing Granularity Daily or hourly pricing model Yes Per hour Yes Per day Yes Per day
wdt_ID Backup ScaleGrid mLab ObjectRocket
27 Extra Cost for Backups Pay an additional per GB monthly fee for each backup No No No
28 Custom Schedule For Backups Set a custom schedule to automatically backup your data Yes Yes No
29 Selective Restores Restore only a portion of your data backup Yes No No
30 Automated Restore of a Backup Quickly recover your MongoDB® data with one-click restore of a backup Yes No No
wdt_ID Security ScaleGrid mLab ObjectRocket
32 Control Access With Security Groups Lock down access without having to deal with IP whitelists Yes Yes No
33 Encryption at Rest Disk encryption to protect your stored data against potential attacks Yes Yes Dependent on plan Yes Only with certain plans and datacenters
wdt_ID Support ScaleGrid mLab ObjectRocket
35 24x7 Support, 1 Hour Response SLA 24x7 support from database experts included free in your MongoDB® hosting plan Yes Yes Yes
36 Performance Debugging Support & Proactive Monitoring Get help debugging performance issues stay proactive with customizable monitoring alerts Yes Yes No
37 Forced MongoDB® Version Upgrades Upgrade on your schedule - not ours. We support your MongoDB® version until you decide to upgrade No No No
wdt_ID Monitoring & Management ScaleGrid mLab ObjectRocket
38 Monitoring Console with OS & MongoDB® Metrics Access a detailed dashboard of all your OS MongoDB® metrics to monitor deployment performance Yes Yes No
39 Monthly Reports Get detailed monthly reports on MongoDB® performance, usage and growth Yes Yes No
40 On-Demand Slow Query Analysis Generate heatmaps of your slow queries and analyze problem queries across different time ranges Yes Yes Schedule and time range cannot be customized No


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