Hosting for SQL Server
Beta Testing

We are currently looking for participants in our SQL Server DBaaS Beta. It is currently testing Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) capabilities and anyone is free to sign up and fully try it out, simply click the button below and get started!

ScaleGrid for SQL Server

Easily deploy, monitor, backup and scale your SQL Server deployments in the cloud or on-premises with one easy-to-use management console. Fully managed cloud services for SQL Server with premium features and zero surprises.

DBaaS Benefits: Reduce database hosting costs up to 75%

Bring Your Own Cloud

The only DBaaS that lets you host in your own cloud account so you can save up to 75% on long-term hosting costs.
DBaaS Benefits: Save thousands of hours by automating your database management

Automated Updates and Upgrades

Save time and costs with automatic updates and upgrades. All you have to do is press a button in our intuitive management console.
DBaaS Benefits: Improve your quality of service with faster, more powerful applications and minimal downtime

Custom Replica Set Configurations

Customize your replica set configurations for high availability and redundancy failover protection for your production deployments.
DBaaS Benefits: Scale at any size or rate dynamically and never overpay for premature scale

Simple and Effective Scaling

Scaling your deployments has never been easier with ScaleGrid. We can perform scaling operations with zero downtime, ensuring minimal business impact.

Looking for an Enterprise On-Premise Solution?

Not only is ScaleGrid available as a cloud DBaaS, you can also deploy our management tool on your own on-premise infrastructure. This provides you with all the benefits of a fully-fledged DBaaS, entirely private and operated by you.

ScaleGrid is fully integrated with VMware and bare metal, among others, and can run in private clouds and hybrid deployments. With our advanced support packages, you can let our expert database engineers handle complex tasks and give you advice on best practice.

Best Hosting Tools for Optimizing SQL Server

Best Database Hosting Tools: Reserved Instances through AWS or Azure saves 75% on long-term hosting costs

Reserved Instances

Save up to 75% on your long-term hosting costs with Reserved Instances on our Bring Your Own Cloud plans.
ScaleGrid Hosting - Reserved Instances Support (AWS & Azure)

Virtual Private Clouds

Deploy your SQL Server servers in a VPC Subnet or VNET for maximum security and peace of mind.
Features: Web-based shell management for MongoDB Database and Redis

High Performance Clusters

Special high performance SSD-based clusters for high read and write SQL Server cluster throughput.
Automated Backups

Automated Backups

Get up to 5 free scheduled and on-demand SQL Server backups in our Dedicated cloud hosting plans.

24/7 Support

Upgrade your support package and get 24/7 support from our database engineers to help you migrate and quickly troubleshoot any issue.
ScaleGrid Hosting - Easy Database & User Creation

Security Groups

Lock down access with Security Groups at the protocol and port access level and avoid exposing your database to the internet.
Best Database Hosting Tools: Slow Query Analysis, generate heat maps and identify queries that need indexes

Slow Query Analysis

Generate heat maps of your slow queries and identify queries that need indexes across different time periods.
Best Hosting Tools: Free Backups with encryption and encrypt data at rest on your disks.

Disk Encryption & Backup

Encrypt SQL Server "data at rest" using volume encryption, and enable the encryption of your backups.
ScaleGrid Hosting - Monitoring Console with MySQL & OS Metrics

Monitoring Console

Monitor all of your SQL Server and operating system (OS) metrics, and define alerts on custom metrics.
Best Database Hosting Tools: Monthly Reports of MongoDB® Database growth and performance

Monthly Reports

Get monthly reports on your SQL Server server size, growth, cluster load, and database statistics.
Features: Bring Your Own Cloud plans let you host in your own AWS or Azure account

No Downtime Dynamic Scaling

Dynamically scale the CPU, memory, and disk size (IOPS) of your SQL Server deployments with zero downtime.
Best Database Hosting Tools: Remotely manage MongoDB® Database through ScaleGrid's web-based shell management tools

SSL Cert

Make it easy to set up a new SQL Server deployment with SSL. ScaleGrid allows you to deploy with or without SSL.
Save up to 65% on your monitoring costs with DBaaS
Monitoring Cost
Save up to 20% on your Database OS Patching Count with DBaaS
OS Patching Cost
Save up to 35% on your log reduction costs with DBaaS
Log Management Cost

Save Time and Resources

All operational benefits are 100% free with your DBaaS plan, including OS patching, log rotations, SQL Server upgrades, reporting, metrics, and custom alerts. You maintain full admin control to the underlying machine, with peace of mind knowing that our intelligent platform can dynamically scale to the needs of your production deployments.

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